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Pikes Peak Computers offers an On-Site Tune-up Service for your PC Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet. Service can be completed within one hour in most cases, and you will be notified if more time is needed to complete the cleaning.  We can decrease the amount of time waiting for your PC to turn on, as well as decrease your wait time for applications to load. We increase the quality of your internet browsing experience, and make your computer more enjoyable!

Pikes Peak Computers Tune-Up Includes

  • create a �P.P.C. Restore Point� on your computer to prevent your operating system setting from being destroyed in the case of a system failure

  • make sure your computer is up-to-date to address known system issues

  • help protect against known security threats

  • make sure that your computer is protected from incoming traffic generated by malicious users or malicious programs that rely on unsolicited incoming traffic to attack your computer

  • enable anti-phishing features and enable pop-up blockers for Internet Explorer

  • also remove unnecessary toolbars and ensure Google toolbar is installed and up-to-date

  • delete unnecessary cached files

  • delete unnecessary cached pages

  • delete Internet history

  • delete HTTP Tracking Cookies to protect your privacy and reduce your risk of identity theft

  • delete Windows Temporary Files

  • delete Temporary Internet Files

  • empty the Recycle Bin

  • clear ActiveX controls and Java applets that were downloaded from the Internet

  • analyze your desktop shortcuts and delete unused icons

  • analyze your quick launch bar and delete unused icons

  • disable unnecessary programs from the boot sequence to decrease system boot up time and clean the taskbar

  • locate fragmented data stored on your hard disk(s), and physically organize the content to store the pieces of each file close together in contiguous sections to increase system speed

  • check the overall health of your operating system on the hard disk

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Our Services:
- Computer repair and troubleshooting
- Data recovery and hard drive repair
- Affordable data backup solutions
- Windows errors and crashes
- DSL/Cable/Broadband install
- Email and internet setup
- Installing hardware and software
- Set-up new computers
- Wireless and wired networks
- Computer cleaning and maintenance
- Computer security, firewalls
- Virus and mal-ware removal
- Secure HARD DRIVE Wiping

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